Most Popular Hentai Porn Categories

The concept of “hentai” sooner or later, attracts all lovers of hot adult videos. Translated from Japanese, this word means “perversion”, but in practice it is a category of animation, video games and comics (manga), in which there is an abundance of erotic and frankly pornographic scenes. However, taking into account some cultural differences in sexual preferences, it is better to get acquainted with the list of the most popular topics of this genre of pornography.

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VR Porn: Pros and Cons

In the present days, watching porn is no longer a secret activity or something to be ashamed of. People acknowledge that adult content helps them to have rest and relaxation, causes excitement, and improves sexual life.

The industry has not stopped its growth and development. With modern technological know-how and achievements, watching an adult movie has become a real experience. With the virtual reality technology, the wall making a spectator feel as an outsider was removed. Most of the categories of porno start appearing in VR. Thus, it means that the format is acknowledged and popular among the viewers. Besides, due to VR technology, the industry of adult entertainment is returning its profitability and leading positions.

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What is Revenge Sex in Porn

Some men believe that extremely strong emotions are pushing women towards sex. Actually, they are right. It’s hard to imagine a girl cheating her boyfriend simply because “she was bored” or just “wanted sex”. At least, if women are getting bored they find hobbies like pilates or yoga, and if they are seeking a discharge they simply buy a vibrator at the nearest sex-shop.

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You are Worrying About Your Porn Habits, Is It Bad?

According to the updated statistical data of PornHub, 962 searches per second were made in the year 2018. Besides, it is mostly watched around midnight, the most popular day is Sunday. Women are not less interested in various genres of porn than men.

After analyzing the above data for a little while, it is very easy to understand that porn content is watched when people have free time or after a hard working day.

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